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Need more information, send us an email:                          comeskiwithus@piccadillyskiclub.com


US Mail:    Piccadilly Ski Club

                    P.O. Box 207

                    Downers Grove, IL 60515


Regular Meetings:  

1st & 3rd Thursday August-April

1st Thursday May-July

at 7:30 pm at Emmett's Ale House

5200 Main Street, Downers Grove



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                         Current Piccadilly Board Members


                       President             Terry Turlek  

                       Vice President     Jackie Dudek           

                       Secretary             Paul Fuka       

                       Treasurer             Karen Holcik 

                       Asst Treas           Sue Akk        

                       Trip Chair           Walt Tanner

                       Trip Co-Chair      Dean Foster
                       Membership        Sandy Liedtke            
                       Social                  Eileen Amlee           
                       Publicity              Dawn Roche

                       Asst Pub              Susan Valenta           
                       Webmaster          Pam Rockey                       
                       Ski Meister/        Larry Himmelblau


                       CMSC/                 Kevin Conlon       
                       Sgt. @ Arms


email us::   comeskiwithus@piccadillyskiclub.com