March, 2017 Newsletter
President's Update for March; Elections Update; Upcoming Social Calendar for Spring; Banquet details; Ski Trip Status; CMSC Social Events; Social Activities Recaps: Dinner at Melting Pot; Golf Practice at McQ's; and Phoenix Indianhead/Backjack Trip
Newsletter Mar 2017.pdf
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February, 2017 Newsletter
President's Update; Ski Trip Status; Upcoming Elections; Ski Goggles For Sale; Upcoming Social Calendar; Recaps on Happy Hour at Skeleton Key Brewery, Mystery One-Day at Chestnut Mountain, Lutsen, and Sun Peaks.
Newsletter Feb 2017.pdf
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January, 2017 Newsletter
Presidents Corner; Upcoming Ski Trips; Deals and Discounts; Upcoming PSC Social Calendar; Future CMSC Events and Trips; and PSC Trip Recaps - Costa Rica
Newsletter Jan 2017.pdf
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December, 2016 Newsletter
Presidents Update for December; Trips News Items and Schedule; Upcoming PSC Social Calendar; Social Recaps for Daytrippers, and the Bears Game at Suburbanite Bowl; Meet-Up Tutorial
Newsletter Dec 2016.pdf
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November, 2016 Newsletter
President's update; Trip schedule and status; Recap on membership night; Upcoming social events; November's Be Thankful ski club meetings; Recaps on Pub Crawl, Blind Wine Tasting, Fall Bike Ride, Halloween Golf and Lamplight Stories.
201611 Nov 2016.pdf
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October, 2016 Newsletter
President's Update; Ski trip status and schedule; Upcoming social events; Oktoberfest in Milwaukee recap; CMSC Cubs Game recap; and Golf Weekend at Alpine Valley recap.
201610 Oct 2016.pdf
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September, 2016 Newsletter
Trip schedules and status; Upcoming PSC Social Calendar; Details on Swank Night; the Golf Weekend at Alpine Valley; the "third" last Halloween Golf Outing; Annual Picnic Recap.
Newsletter Sept 2016v2.pdf
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August, 2016 Newsletter
Trip News, Upcoming PSC Social Calendar, First Folio Recap, Pedal and Pub Bike Crawl Recap, Cubs vs. Brewers Recap
Newsletter August 2016r.pdf
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July, 2016 Newsletter
Presidents Update; Costa Rica and Japan Trips In The Works; Membership Contest; PSC Social Calendar; Night Golf and Salt Creek Bike Ride Recaps; Member Of The Month - Deb Meilner
July 2016 Newsletter.pdf
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June, 2016 Newsletter
President's Update, Trip News - Costa Rica and Japan Trip Details, Upcoming PSC Social Events, Happy Hour Recap, Member of the Month - Dave Valenta
201606 June 2016.pdf
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May, 2016 Newsletter
President's Update, 2016-2017 Board Members, 2016-2017 Trip Leaders Needed, Upcoming Social Calendar, Banquet Recap, Meet-Up How To's for Sign-Up and Managing email Messages.
May 2016 newsletter.pdf
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April, 2016 Newsletter
Outgoing President Message, PSC Banquet Invite, Upcoming Social Events, Ogden UT Ski Trip Summary, Chicago Week 2016 Whistler Blackcomb Recap
Newsletter April 2016.pdf
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March, 2016 Newsletter
PSC Board Election information, Upcoming Social Events and Banquet Details, Recap of PSC Swank Night and the Phoenix Pine Mountain Ski Trip.
Newsletter March 2016.pdf
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February, 2016 Newsletter
Upcoming Phoenix and Whistler trip details, February Social Events, Info on 2016/2017 board positions, and One-Day Mystery Trip recap.
Newsletter February 2016v2.pdf
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January 2016 Newsletter
Trips and Upcoming Social Events, 2016 Board Elections, 2016 Banquet Reminder, Riviera Maya Trip Recap
January 2016 news letter .pdf
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December 2015 Newsletter
Trip Listings for December and 2016 Ski Season, Upcoming Social Events, President's Letter, and Upcoming Board Election Information. Volunteers Needed!
December 2015 Newsletter2.pdf
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November 2015 Newsletter
Trip Listings, Upcoming Social Events, Pictures and Event Recaps for the Weekend Golf Outing, Camping, Wine Tasting and Halloween Golf Outing
November2015 Newsletter .pdf
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October 2015 Newsletter
Trip Listings for 2015/2016 season; Upcoming Social Events and details for the Train Pub Crawl; Golf Outing to Alpine Valley; and Scott Schmid's Final Golf Outing.
October 2015 Newsletter.pdf
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September 2015 Newsletter
Upcoming Social Events, Trip Details, Recap and pictures from Annual Picnic
September 2015 news letter.pdf
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August 2015 BIG Newsletter - Trips for 2015-2016 Season
President's Corner, 2015-2016 Trip Details
August Newsletter 2015-2016 Trips2.pdf
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July 2015 Newsletter
Upcoming Social Events and Annual Picnic details. Listing of 2015/2016 Trips
JULY 2015 News Letter.pdf
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June 2015 Newsletter
Meet the New Board, Upcoming Events
June 2015 Newsletter .pdf
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