Ski & Safety Tips


1. What clothes do I need to ski? athletic under garments, base layer, ski socks, sweater, neck warmer, helmet, goggles, & ski gloves, (moisture wicking fabrics recommended) 

2. What are some tips to prepare for my ski season? about 6 weeks ahead of time check your ski equipment, does it need tuning? it’s always a good practice to have the bindings checked from season to season depending on usage. Do my boots fit? Do my clothes fit? Is my body ready for athletics & altitude? Having a regular fitness & Yoga regimen is key to feeling ready to hit the slopes. Remember rest & recovery is important too. 

3.  I am new to skiing, any tips? Yes, TAKE SOME LESSONS. It is imperative to know how to stop & get up properly from a fall. Ski with another person or let someone know where you plan on skiing. 

4. I lost my ski partner & I am concerned for their well-being.  Find a ski patrol person. Technology now allows for the RFID ski pass and this allows knowledge of which lift a person was last seen on and the time. 


1.  Hydration is an imperative ingredient in optimal athletic performance especially in the mountains.


April Ski Safety  - The very best way to avoid falls and injuries on the slopes is to stay in ski shape all year long!  What are YOU doing this summer to stay in shape for next season?? We have biking, golf and more opportunities to keep you going.


April Ski News - Whether you are spring skiing, or just being?

It’s the time of year everything “winter” is on sale

and perhaps you’re in the market for skis? 

Happy Investigating!


April Ski Events - NASTAR National Championships at Snowmass | April 8-13, 2024


April Ski Fun New ski vocabulary

  • Powderoy -  Powder over groomed corderoy
  • Lunch legs- tired legs in the afternoon
  • Chicken heads- Ice balls that trip you up on a run. (Think large death cookies)
  • Rolling chicken heads – when those large balls of ice follow you down the hill as you ski by.
Piccadilly's Ski Meister Tips & FAQ
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